New Jersey Managed Districts Association.As founder and trustee of NJMDA. NJMDA is a state-wide professional association which mission is to strengthen and develop the field and practice of district management serving almost 100 managed commercial districts in New Jersey. For information about downtown managing issues, concepts, mission; (re)development, and any concerns that affect the vitality and viability of primary commercial districts, visit NJMDA's website at:
Downtown New Jersey. As chair of Downtown New Jersey's Membership Committee, a board member and a member of the executive committee. DNJ is a state-wide advocacy organization serving over 125 current members in promoting and advancing the issues of importance to downtown's and commercial districts around the state. Visit DNJ's website for further information at:
Union County Arts Center. As a former member of the board of the Union County Arts Center in Rahway and serving the residents and communities of Union County. The UCAC provides cultural arts programming to the residents and families of Union County. Visit UCAC's website: for information or call the Box Office at 732-499-0441.
New Jersey Retail Merchants Association. As a past member of the board of the N.J.Retail Merchants Association. The NJRMA represents hundreds of retailers - from the state's largest to those family owned and operated micro-businesses populating N.J.'s commercial districts and downtown's. NJRMA is concerned with the thousands of bills and regulations developed by the Legislature and state agencies every year that directly impact business operations and works to ensure a balance of interests in the work place. Visit the NJRMA website at:

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