The Community Advocates envision a team made up of talented individuals sharing a common belief that cooperative creative efforts will realize the best solutions for the needs of those we serve while meeting the needs of each individual on the team.

We see individual contributions as integral to the success of each project. In order for our co-workers to be proud of individual efforts while committed to the efforts of the team, we support each individualís contribution with training, education and opportunities for personal and professional satisfaction.

We insist that our teammates be treated fairly and with respect, and we hope that the value of their input will produce a feeling of pride in their own professional satisfaction as well as every aspect of the business.

Above all, we want those we serve to know us as the best in our field, and to that end we will endeavor to create the kind of environment that attracts the best talent while encouraging creative and proactive thinking as a formula for success.

Don Smartt & The Community Advocates operate on the belief that "those we serve always come first."

We see individual responsibility as integral to the success of each project and the success of our company as a whole. Therefore, all who choose to associate with our team share several goals:

  I strive to get the job done right the first time - every time
  I will experience the satisfaction that comes with knowing I have performed a job well done
  I will approach each task with a sense of urgency
  Every action taken has an impact
  Those we serve depend on me - I will not let them down


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