Since 1983, The Community Advocates have been involved in re-establishing the local business district as a vital commercial, civic and cultural center for more than 30 communities throughout New Jersey.

We recognize that the renaissance of a commercial district depends upon the active participation and close cooperation of both the public and private sectors. The Community Advocates have been dedicated to helping stakeholders forge the partnerships necessary to reconcile differences, build consensus and channel collective energy into the pursuit of a common endeavor: the revitalization of their commercial districts.

The Community Advocates is a strategic planning, facilitation and project management firm with a strong track record of success at every conceivable stage of commercial district improvement.   Having led comprehensive, interdisciplinary market study efforts for towns such as Summit, North Bergen and Clifton, The Community Advocates can assist in developing a downtown revitalization plan for your community that draws upon residents’ feedback, demographic data, and physical analysis.

As a firm that more often than not has been involved in implementing the strategies it recommends—we specialize in viable work plans that address the full range of a district's needs. And we can help you identify and obtain the funding sources to make the improvements happen.  The Community Advocates have the proven ability to:

  Bring together qualified local leaders
  Work with them to build consensus
  Create an action-oriented work plan
  Identify and obtain the financing to bring about improvements

We recognize that just as each community has its own distinct character, with a unique set of understood challenges, known assets and untapped resources—all of which help to determine priorities. Working with your local leadership allows us to:

  Identify Improvements geared to local needs and guided by local interests
  Work toward outcomes that attract broad-based support
  Enlist the support of key local, state and regional partners such as New Jersey Transit and the New Jersey Department of Transportation; county governmental entities; and major local and regional media organizations



Created public/private partnerships to work together in planning the future of their communities
Identified and secured new or underutilized funding sources for district improvements
Developed and implemented comprehensive parking improvement  programs
Organized Special Improvement Districts and District Management Corporations throughout the state of New Jersey
Administered the production of planning studies, assessment reports and other municipal strategic documents.

Managed Maintenance and Security Programs within an Urban

Enterprise Zone.

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